What Makes Kona Coffee Unique?

Kona coffee has long been revered as one of the best coffees in the world. Kona coffee is grown exclusively on the Big Island of Hawai’i in a 40 square mile band of small farms on the slopes of two volcanoes. The districts of North and South Kona produce only 2 million pounds of coffee per year, making Kona coffee one of the rarest coffees available.

We grow all of our coffee on a 9 acre farm in Holualoa, Hawai’i, in the heart of the district of Kona, roast it in small batches, and ship it directly to you from Hawai’i.

Daily Fix coffee is proud to be part of the The Kona Coffee Farmers Association Seal Program. The presence of this seal ensures that the coffee that you are enjoying was grown on a small, privately owned farm under the strict guidance of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association. Please visit the Kona Coffee Farmers web site.